Lessons from my girls part 2

Hey folks, So we’ve made it through Christmas and are waiting on the New Year. We have vaccines being distributed out on a plan from the government as to who gets one when, but we have a reasonable belief that they will be available in the nearer rather than the farther future. I know it may not seem like much of a happy thought, but … Continue reading Lessons from my girls part 2

Pretty Fly for a Suit and Tie!!

Well friends, I had an interview yesterday for a job that I would really love to get. It will start me in a new industry and career path that I’ve wanted to break into for a while now. That is only part of our story thought, because I know most of you aren’t interested in my career aspirations and that isn’t the point of the … Continue reading Pretty Fly for a Suit and Tie!!

Painted Toenails and Preparation

Is there anything more daunting than launching yourself into the job market as you try to start a new career? I am looking up that hill and it seems nigh impossible to climb sometimes. I am leaving my comfort zone to spread my wings and take up the challenge of something new, and that brings excitement, frustration, concern as well as a sense of freedom. … Continue reading Painted Toenails and Preparation

The crucible of life and how it refines us

Lately Daddicus and the rest of the pack have been going through a tough time. I have taken this trial in a light of trying to reconsider how I have performed as a father and husband. I realize I have not been the best, and that is being kind. Sometimes trials help us to discover a better version of ourselves, and I believe I am … Continue reading The crucible of life and how it refines us

Week 1 of the SY 2020-2021 Down and I am too

Welcome back, I said it then and I will say it now…I am NOT MEANT to be an Elementary School teacher. We finished the first full week of school with Thing 1 from home. I have to give props to the school district for having a good plan in place for distance learning. However, with the need to oversee a 7 year old to make … Continue reading Week 1 of the SY 2020-2021 Down and I am too

Take the time to do a puzzle

My days are spent taking care of Thing 1 and Thing 2 and working my full time job as an investor. Those who practice investing know the time that can take. It feels like I am constantly reading either new books, 10-Ks, exploring companies investor relations pages, or the latest issues of industry magazines, and that’s when I’m not knee deep in finding profitable options … Continue reading Take the time to do a puzzle

Investing Lessons from a Toddler

There’s no reason investing can’t be fun and there is no such thing as too young to invest.  I saw this video pop up in my feed the other day and immediately knew it had to be a blog post. So, I thought it out and said what can I learn from my daughter here and it hit me. We have to ensure we are productively … Continue reading Investing Lessons from a Toddler