The answer to the “so what” question?

I had a college professor who served as my academic advisor as well. I think I had a class with her every semester of my college career, and I will never forget turning in beautifully researched and prosaic papers to her and hearing the dreaded reply, “Ok, So what?”

I realized we can’t just tell people a story or what happened, we need to tell why the heck they should care. So I’ll share here what I hope to achieve by writing this blog.

What I hope to achieve

The world right now is a truly scary place with so much negativity and what I feel we need is a place to find some positivity. I was inspired by John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” and wanted to find a way to share with the community out there.

I want to leave the world a better place than I found it and if I can make one other person smile or forget their troubles for a day, I feel I’ve made my difference.

Last, I hope that I raise good people and citizens, it may not be the perfect childhood for them and I will apologize to them for it often, but I just hope they will look back some day and realize everything I did was because I loved them.


Ridiculous Entertainment

A chuckle at the expense of me or my loving puppers, or possibly the world at large. For a very small fee…wait the lawyers are telling me I can’t charge anyway, so I guess we’ll do it for free.

Attention on the problem of mental stress

I suffer as many do from depression and anxiety, so I bring attention to the plight of those in our communities who are struggling daily with it.

Learning to love the world in all it’s screwed uppedness. (yeah I made it a word, wannna fight about it?)

Sometimes you have to step back and remind yourself that life isn’t that serious and find a way to smile at the world.


“Your dad is kind of a jerk.”

― Unnamed 7 year old boy at my daughter’s 7th Birthday (In fairness she had asked me to be the butler at her tea party)

“You’re the king of sillies.”

– My 4 and 7 year olds

“You are a complete pushover.”

Our Success


Well you all proved me wrong! I’m amazed at my following and grateful, hopefully I continue to put out material you all enjoy and find useful!


Sure that I will be the only person amused by this site. (I’ve heard there is the slight outside chance there may be another amused by this, but much like big foot, it is rumored yet unconfirmed.)


The number of years I can convince my wife to let me fund this site before she says enough and makes me take it down.

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